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At Modea, we place great importance on the choice of raw materials That’s why we opt for brass as the primary material in crafting our faucets. Each faucet’s main body is meticulously manufactured from high-purity brass, free from unnecessary additives, using advanced casting techniques. This specific material not only ensures durability against the corrosive effects of time and extensive use but also harnesses its natural antimicrobial properties, maintaining impeccable water quality. The final touch comes with a nickel plating of enhanced thickness, providing comprehensive protection and reinforcement to every part of the faucet, while the inclusion of chromium adds a touch of brilliance, accentuating the product’s distinctive character.

Exploring the inner workings of Modea products reveals components known for their reliability, sourced from our longstanding partnerships with Neoperl and Galatron Neoperl, an esteemed Italian manufacturer, is responsible for the filters and distributors used in our faucets. The silent Neoperl filters enhance water flow quality, contribute to energy savings in hot water production, and regulate flow rates from 7.5 to 9 liters per minute resulting in potential water consumption savings of up to 40%.


The Neoperl distributor guarantees smooth and effortless operation, requiring no special pressure, thus offering reliable performance even in low water pressure systems. Subsequently, the Galatron mechanism, manufactured in Italy, represents cutting-edge technology. Its advanced technology emphasizes the utilization of mechanical and plastic materials over metals, delivering high performance in movement, noise reduction, and energy efficiency. In this manner, both the market’s aesthetic requirements and environmental protection are addressed, as water enjoyment harmonizes with the preservation of its resources. Modea’s faucets now come with the latest upgraded EVO mechanisms that meet the C1 specifications of the renowned French standard NF 077, classified under ECAU. They can withstand hydraulic shock up to 50 Bar and offer a longer lifespan of 2,000,000 movements, as opposed to the common mechanisms which provide only 770,000 movements. According to this, they belong to the highest class, U3, which is two categories above the requirement of the European standard EN 817. They come with a mechanism body crafted from high-strength ULTEM material, offering superior mechanical properties and outstanding durability compared to standard plastics.